3 Android Tricks You Didn’t Know About

3 Android Tricks You Didn't Know About

Android has always been known for its extensive, and at times very unique, features that add a lot to the user experience of smartphones. From the notification panel to the quick settings toggles, Android has always found a way to make it easier for its users to use their phones. With the introduction of Android 5.0, there are new features and tricks that Android users might not know about just yet.

Create Profiles

Many people would agree to the fact that it is highly irritating having that one friend who takes your phone to make a call and then goes through all your personal data. Android finally has an answer for that in the form of profiles.

Much like Windows PCs, you can now create custom guest profile on your phone. These profiles can have access to a limited amount of apps, all based on your preference, so that other people cannot find your personal data.

Pinning Your Screen

Adding on to the ‘profile’ feature, pinning an app to the screen of your phone allows you to easily hand it off to children who want to play a game or someone else who may want to use a specific app. You can go a step further by adding a password or a pattern lock that must be entered to unpin the pinned app. This is something from the new Android tricks you probably didn’t know about.

Do Things Quickly

No more is the lock screen just a place to see the time. You can see your notifications there and do more. Swipe one way to access the phone and the other way to get to the camera directly. The settings page has also been updated with the addition of a search button that can help you find the setting you are looking for without having to go into menus to look for something.
These are 3 of the tricks that you probably didn’t know about Android 5.0. All of these features are designed to make it easier for people to get things done, and we think they are all great steps ahead for the operating system.

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