Android Spy App

Today’s world is ridden with smart technology. Everywhere we see, there is something ‘smart’. From simple gadgets like our phones to complex machines like our cars, everything has moved on from being ‘dumb’ to being smart.

When talking about the gadgets we use daily, like smartphones and tablets, there are a couple of names that have really pushed the whole concept of smart technology to the point where it is today. One of those names is Google. With its Android operating system for phones and tablets, and now even cars, Google has really made its own spot in the world of technology. Android today has the largest portion of the market share when it comes to smartphones.

Android Spy App

Android Phones’ Susceptibility for Cybercrimes

Unfortunately, that also means that Android phones are more susceptible to modern forms of cybercrimes. Most of the children and teenagers have Android phones as well which, coupled with its open source nature, makes it an attractive operating system for cyber criminals to target.

Why Track Android Phones?

There can be many reasons for someone to want to use an Android spy app for keeping tabs on a phone. The most common reason is for parents to want to know what their children are doing on their phones in order to make sure they are out of trouble. Children can be very easily reached today on their Android phones by online predators and criminals who can then blackmail them. That makes parents very stressful of the fact that their child is using a smartphone without supervision, and they resort to the use of an Android spy app.
The other major portion of people tracking Android phones is comprised of employers who want to make sure their employees are being productive at work. Many employees today have smart devices that they can bring to the office and waste away their time on. Many others use these devices to commit fraud and steal company data. This makes it necessary for many employers to use spy apps to monitor their employees’ Android devices.

So Which App Should One Choose?

It depends on the features you want, and also on the reputation of the app itself. With the huge influx of demands for Android spy apps, a lot of developers have started creating applications that help you monitor Android phones. However, not all of them are up to standards. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right spy app:

  • Look for the features you want, for the price you can afford. An app that offers too much for too little is probably not that reputable and could cost you in the long run.
  • Read user reviews before you purchase an app. That will help you decide whether it works or not.
  • Choose an app that provides a strong post-purchase technical support system.

A Word of Advice

Almost all Android spy apps work in complete stealth. That means that the person being monitored can’t find out that they are being tracked. While this is okay for tracking your minors, it may pose legal issues if being used on an adult without proper disclosure. Employers can track their employees’ phones only when the phones are provided by the company itself, and if the employees have been notified of this process.