Android Spying Apps

Free Ways You Can Act Like a Spy on Android Phones


There could be many reasons you would want to spy on someone’s phone. While some can be a little unnecessary and a result of an overreaction, many are actually valid. For example, you could be a businessman who likes to keep an eye on his employees to know whether they’re working or not, or a parent who wants to make sure their children are using their phones safely. Continue reading

How to Spy on Line Messenger on Iphone

How to spy on Line messenger on Iphone

Monitoring and spy apps are around us for years but people are just realizing their importance now. These apps and software can help concerned parents who worry about their kids’ safety all the time. The GPS feature in monitoring apps can tell parents the exact location of their kids at any given moment. However this is not the primary purpose of these apps. Spy and monitoring apps are specifically designed to keep an eye on all the online activities performed on the target device. Continue reading

How to Spy on Your Wife’s Android Phone

How to Spy on Your Wife's Android Phone

Monitoring apps and services have made is possible for people to monitor other people’s activities easily. If you are wondering how to spy on your wife’s Android phone then you can do that with the help of Android spy apps that are built for this purpose. Primarily, these apps and software are made for parents who want to keep a keen eye on their kids all the time without invading their privacy and by employers so they can monitor their employees and prevent any kind of data breach. Continue reading

Track Your Boyfriends Text Messages with Android Spy App

track your boyfriends text messages with Android spy app

Though the main purpose of monitoring apps and software is to help parents and employers protect their kids and business but allowing them to keep a keen eye on their kids and employees all the time yet many people have found some other creative and useful purposes of these spy apps and software. For example people can catch cheating partners with the help of such apps by tracking their calls and messages with Android or iOS spy app. You can even install the same app on desktop computer, laptop on mobile devices like phone or tablet. Continue reading

What Is the Best Android App to Spy on Snapchat

7-what is the best android app to spy on snapchat

Snapchat is a popular instant message application which has been made popular by the people who use it the most. Unlike the other instant message applications snapchat has a unique feature that allows photos, videos and any other type of multimedia to be available for only a limited time which is set by the person who sent it. Needless to say that this small but unique feature has made a big impact on the world of instant message applications we all use. Continue reading

Spy on Partner’s Text Messages

4. Spy on Partners Text Messages

The word “spy” would cause most of us to cringe in disgust. The cyber spying or the digital spying, if done through the tracker applications on android phones and otherwise, is not recommended out of pure curiosity; one must have a reason to have a high index of suspicion for the sinister activities of their partners. Particularly important in this context are the spouses and the other people in relationships. Continue reading

Catch a Cheating Partner with Android Spy App

1. Catch a Cheating Partner with Android Spy App

For all those out there who are anxious about the sincerity of their partners, and who feel that their relationship might be crumbling to pieces, the spy applications provide closure by supplying with proof, if any. The Android market is a very vast one and as such there are plenty of spy applications to choose from for this purpose and otherwise. Continue reading

Where can I find an Android Spyware Download

Where can I find an Android Spyware Download

Spywares are everywhere these days. The online world has brought so many dangerous possibilities, along with the obvious advantages, that a lot of people can’t help but use spy apps to protect themselves, their children, and their businesses.

The sheer number of spyware applications available poses a problem as to which one is to be chosen. Just like any other genre of Android apps, when the collection gets saturated there are bound to be some fake apps that pose more harm than they are beneficial. Continue reading

Installation of Android Spy App

Installation of Android Spy App

If you are even slightly invested in the world of smartphone security, chances are you would have heard the term ‘spy app’ by now. Spy apps are those that can help one track a phone, whether running Android or some other operating system, discreetly and silently. These have practical implications for parents as well as employers, who can use such apps to keep their children and their businesses out of harm’s way. Continue reading

Best Spy Apps For Android

Best Spy Apps For Android

Can you think of someone that doesn’t actually own a smartphone? I can’t – well except maybe my grandmother, but everyone else I know has one and it never leaves their side! I am even including little kids in that. Children as young as 8 are now carrying around the latest smartphone models like they are this season’s must have toy! It is easy to see the benefits of issuing kids with these phones when we think about how they can socialize with friends and how they always have a way to contact you if they need to; however, what we also need to realize is that with smartphones and the round the clock internet access they provide there also comes a great many dangers. For example, recent studies indicate that more than 30% of all teenagers admit to being negatively affected by something online that was inappropriate or dangerous. That’s a pretty worrying statistic for parents so it is no wonder moms and dads everywhere are in search of the best spy apps for Android devices to help them to keep their precious kids safe from harm. Continue reading