Android Tracking Tips

Use Google Services to Find Your Lost Android Device


It’s safe to say that almost everyone owning a mobile phone has lost it at least once. Sometimes you just can’t remember where you last your phone. As a result, especially in the case of an expensive smartphone, panic ensues.

So what do you do when you lose your phone? Normally, people go crazy looking everywhere for their devices, but Google has just added a new feature to its Android operating system which can help you easily locate your phone. Continue reading

Simple Tools to Track Skype Messages on Iphone

Simple tools to track Skype messages on Iphone

Whether you are a parent who wants to protect his kids from cyber threats or you are an employer who wants to protect critical data of the company or whether you want to spy on your spouse to catch him/her red handed, spy and monitoring apps and software can do the trick for you. These apps and software are designed and developed to send information about all the activities performed on the target device to the administrators. Parents all around the world have concerns about their kids’ online activities. Continue reading

Can I Check My Spouse’s Android without Her Knowing

can I check my spouse's Android without her knowing

Spy and monitoring apps and services are quite popular all over the globe because of their easiness and effectiveness. Although the primary purpose of such apps and software is to allow parents knowing their kids’ whereabouts and online activities but many people use these monitoring apps to catch cheating partner. The best thing about these monitoring apps is that these apps work secretly on the target phone that makes it impossible for the target person to suspect anything.

Not only they work in stealth mode but also use system resources efficiently. It means these apps use battery power, RAM, processing power and storage sp efficiently that you spouse won’t notice a thing. Spy and monitoring apps come with all the basic features you want to see in such apps. They have features like message monitoring, IM and call monitoring, email monitoring, social media monitoring and even GPS tracking. Continue reading

Where Can I Get Keyloger for Android Phone

5-where can i get keyloger for android phone

Anybody who knows anything about hacking knows the term and the concept behind the “keyloger”. Keylogers are notorious programs designed especially with the function to steal sensitive log-in information that we use in our daily lives, and as such they are widely spread on all modern PC-s as well as Lap-tops and various other electronic media such as USB drives and CD-s. Continue reading

What Are the Best Parental Control Apps for Android

4-what are the best parental control apps for android

Parental control is a concept made popular by the general public in recent years. This is due to the fact that almost everything around us is being digitalized, from television to our daily lives. ITunes as well as many other companies have parental control options integrated within them. This is because more and more hacking programs are available which are designed to steal our sensitive information like credit card numbers and general whereabouts. Continue reading

Best Apps to Monitor the Activity on Your Kids Android Phone

3-best apps to monitor the activity on your kids android phone

To any parent out there, there is no such things as to much security for their children. In regard to this, keeping your kinds safe has become a lot harder that it has ever been due to the advancements in the internet as well as in the field of mobile communication. In direct correlation to this fact, there now a way for anybody to keep their kids sage online as well as offline in the modern age we all live in. Continue reading

Smartphone Threats you should be Aware of

Smartphone Threats you should be Aware of

Everyone wants a smartphone today.

Mobile phones came to the world a tool to let people communicate with each other easily on the go. With time, however, they have become more of a lifestyle than a tool. Smartphones let us do things that were once thought of as impossible.

Today, children and teens are among the top to want to own a smartphone. However, there are some threats that smartphones bring with them, especially when we consider them in the hands of young teenagers. Continue reading

Main Differences between Android and iOS

Main Differences between Android and iOS

When Android came up to the scene as an operating system, it couldn’t be more different than Apple’s iOS. The much more functional, customizable, and feature-packed Android was almost exactly opposite to the much more refined yet rigid, and non-customizable iOS.

However, with the passage of time, iOS has adopted many of Android’s features and vice versa, blurring the main differences that once existed between the two. There are still some key differences though that one should know about when deciding which one to invest in. Continue reading

Is it Safe to give Android to your Child?

Is it Safe to give Android to your Child

Every parent concerned about the safety and healthy mental growth of their child has to worry about whether they should give an Android phone to their child or not. Where Android brings a lot of fun and even educational features for children to use, it also brings some safety concerns that parents have to think of. Continue reading

3 Android Tricks You Didn’t Know About

3 Android Tricks You Didn't Know About

Android has always been known for its extensive, and at times very unique, features that add a lot to the user experience of smartphones. From the notification panel to the quick settings toggles, Android has always found a way to make it easier for its users to use their phones. With the introduction of Android 5.0, there are new features and tricks that Android users might not know about just yet. Continue reading