Android Tracking Tips

Is There an App to Block Unwanted Calls on Android?

24. Is there an App to Block unwanted Calls on Android

Yes, there is. There are actually multiple applications that block unwanted calls on android; however, most of these only perform this function. Our advice to you is to select an application that is diverse in function so as to reap two harvests from a single cultivation. These are the tracking applications of android. Continue reading

How to Block Number on Android Phone?

23. How to Block Number on Android Phone

There are plenty of cases of what we call “wrong number” today. People find it amusing to grab hold of a number and harass the person on the other end just for the fun of it. Plus, some numbers, like those of creepy stalkers or extremely creepy ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends may also need to be blocked for the sheer peace of one’s mind. The question is, most of the mobile phones do not come with an inherent blocking feature, and even if they do, the feature is limited to the system applications only; so how to block a number that it will not be able to contact on any of the communication applications? Continue reading

How to Read Text Messages on Android Remotely

20. How to read text messages on android remotely

Reading text messages from your own phone is a natural thing to do. Reading text messages from another person’s cell phone is also alright if you have permission to do so. But what if you want to read text messages on android that belongs to someone without permission? Is that a clear case of privacy invasion? Possibly so, but it can also be an exception to the rule especially if you have the right reason in doing so. Continue reading

How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages on Android

18. How to read someones facebook messages on android

Sometimes it is just essential to track another person’s social media accounts in order to know what they are up to. This is a kind of activity may be called hacking, but if it is going to be done for the safety and security of the person being hacked, then it is not totally illegal. There are different ways to read someone’s facebook messages on android and one way is using a tracking software. Continue reading

How Can I Read Someone’s Viber Messages on Android?

15. how can i read someones viber messages on android

Viber is almost as famous as Whatsapp, which may be called the uncrowned king of the present communication applications for android phones, minus facebook and twitter. As such, any teenager would be heavily using Viber to send messages and share media with a number of friends. All these teenagers are not strangers. Some of them might just be your own kids. Continue reading