What Are the Best Parental Control Apps for Android

4-what are the best parental control apps for android

Parental control is a concept made popular by the general public in recent years. This is due to the fact that almost everything around us is being digitalized, from television to our daily lives. ITunes as well as many other companies have parental control options integrated within them. This is because more and more hacking programs are available which are designed to steal our sensitive information like credit card numbers and general whereabouts. Continue reading

Best Apps to Monitor the Activity on Your Kids Android Phone

3-best apps to monitor the activity on your kids android phone

To any parent out there, there is no such things as to much security for their children. In regard to this, keeping your kinds safe has become a lot harder that it has ever been due to the advancements in the internet as well as in the field of mobile communication. In direct correlation to this fact, there now a way for anybody to keep their kids sage online as well as offline in the modern age we all live in. Continue reading

How to Check Husband’s Android Phone Remotely?

5. How to Check Husbands Android Phone Remotely

Most of the women will understand this: a lonely house and a lonely life while the husband drives off to far off places, working hard to put food on the table. But during these ventures and trips, have you ever noticed a slight change in his behavior? Is he starting to avoid you? Is he starting to stay away longer than before? Is he no longer comfortable handing over his phone to you? Then it is time to knot your eyebrows a little and look into this matter. Continue reading

Spy on Partner’s Text Messages

4. Spy on Partners Text Messages

The word “spy” would cause most of us to cringe in disgust. The cyber spying or the digital spying, if done through the tracker applications on android phones and otherwise, is not recommended out of pure curiosity; one must have a reason to have a high index of suspicion for the sinister activities of their partners. Particularly important in this context are the spouses and the other people in relationships. Continue reading

Check the Whatsapp Messages of Your Wife

3. Check the Whatsapp Messages of Your Wife

With the divorce rates as high as the clouds themselves, explorations into the reasons have been the centre of many discussions. Unfortunately, cheating on spouses has become extremely easy and extremely common; thanks to the frank communication networks provided by cell phones and the communication applications that have spread like wildfire. Continue reading

Catch a Cheating Partner with Android Spy App

1. Catch a Cheating Partner with Android Spy App

For all those out there who are anxious about the sincerity of their partners, and who feel that their relationship might be crumbling to pieces, the spy applications provide closure by supplying with proof, if any. The Android market is a very vast one and as such there are plenty of spy applications to choose from for this purpose and otherwise. Continue reading

Where can I find an Android Spyware Download

Where can I find an Android Spyware Download

Spywares are everywhere these days. The online world has brought so many dangerous possibilities, along with the obvious advantages, that a lot of people can’t help but use spy apps to protect themselves, their children, and their businesses.

The sheer number of spyware applications available poses a problem as to which one is to be chosen. Just like any other genre of Android apps, when the collection gets saturated there are bound to be some fake apps that pose more harm than they are beneficial. Continue reading

Smartphone Threats you should be Aware of

Smartphone Threats you should be Aware of

Everyone wants a smartphone today.

Mobile phones came to the world a tool to let people communicate with each other easily on the go. With time, however, they have become more of a lifestyle than a tool. Smartphones let us do things that were once thought of as impossible.

Today, children and teens are among the top to want to own a smartphone. However, there are some threats that smartphones bring with them, especially when we consider them in the hands of young teenagers. Continue reading

Main Differences between Android and iOS

Main Differences between Android and iOS

When Android came up to the scene as an operating system, it couldn’t be more different than Apple’s iOS. The much more functional, customizable, and feature-packed Android was almost exactly opposite to the much more refined yet rigid, and non-customizable iOS.

However, with the passage of time, iOS has adopted many of Android’s features and vice versa, blurring the main differences that once existed between the two. There are still some key differences though that one should know about when deciding which one to invest in. Continue reading