Is it Safe to give Android to your Child?

Is it Safe to give Android to your Child

Every parent concerned about the safety and healthy mental growth of their child has to worry about whether they should give an Android phone to their child or not. Where Android brings a lot of fun and even educational features for children to use, it also brings some safety concerns that parents have to think of. Continue reading

Installation of Android Spy App

Installation of Android Spy App

If you are even slightly invested in the world of smartphone security, chances are you would have heard the term ‘spy app’ by now. Spy apps are those that can help one track a phone, whether running Android or some other operating system, discreetly and silently. These have practical implications for parents as well as employers, who can use such apps to keep their children and their businesses out of harm’s way. Continue reading

How to Track Samsung Galaxy

How to Track Samsung Galaxy

Tracking Android smartphones has become a common practice among people these days, be they parents tracking their children or employers keeping an eye on their employees. With the digital world so interconnected, everyone is scared something bad might happen. Continue reading

How to Track Android Phone Online

How to Track Android Phone Online

Gone are the time when you had to try and get your hands on your spouse’s phone to find out if they were hiding something from you. No more do you have to eavesdrop on his or her phone calls and put your relationship at risk. You do not have to worry anymore of whether your husband or you wife is being loyal to you or not. All thanks to spy apps. Continue reading

Best Spy Apps For Android

Best Spy Apps For Android

Can you think of someone that doesn’t actually own a smartphone? I can’t – well except maybe my grandmother, but everyone else I know has one and it never leaves their side! I am even including little kids in that. Children as young as 8 are now carrying around the latest smartphone models like they are this season’s must have toy! It is easy to see the benefits of issuing kids with these phones when we think about how they can socialize with friends and how they always have a way to contact you if they need to; however, what we also need to realize is that with smartphones and the round the clock internet access they provide there also comes a great many dangers. For example, recent studies indicate that more than 30% of all teenagers admit to being negatively affected by something online that was inappropriate or dangerous. That’s a pretty worrying statistic for parents so it is no wonder moms and dads everywhere are in search of the best spy apps for Android devices to help them to keep their precious kids safe from harm. Continue reading

3 Android Tricks You Didn’t Know About

3 Android Tricks You Didn't Know About

Android has always been known for its extensive, and at times very unique, features that add a lot to the user experience of smartphones. From the notification panel to the quick settings toggles, Android has always found a way to make it easier for its users to use their phones. With the introduction of Android 5.0, there are new features and tricks that Android users might not know about just yet. Continue reading

GPS Tracking App for Android Devices

25. GPS tracking app for android devices

About GPS tracking app for android

Even the cheapest android devices have GPS integrated in them. You might want to use the best GPS tracking app for a lot of purposes. First of all, you might want to track your own locations and have a directive, when you go jogging or cycling for long distances. Secondly, you might want to make sure that your family members or loved ones are at the place where they said they would be, or if they arrived to their desired destination. Continue reading

Is There an App to Block Unwanted Calls on Android?

24. Is there an App to Block unwanted Calls on Android

Yes, there is. There are actually multiple applications that block unwanted calls on android; however, most of these only perform this function. Our advice to you is to select an application that is diverse in function so as to reap two harvests from a single cultivation. These are the tracking applications of android. Continue reading

How to Block Number on Android Phone?

23. How to Block Number on Android Phone

There are plenty of cases of what we call “wrong number” today. People find it amusing to grab hold of a number and harass the person on the other end just for the fun of it. Plus, some numbers, like those of creepy stalkers or extremely creepy ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends may also need to be blocked for the sheer peace of one’s mind. The question is, most of the mobile phones do not come with an inherent blocking feature, and even if they do, the feature is limited to the system applications only; so how to block a number that it will not be able to contact on any of the communication applications? Continue reading

How Can I Track an Android Phone?

22. How can I track an Android Phone

To track an android phone, the tracking applications, or simply known as trackers, can be used. The advantage here is that Play Store and the Android applications market all over the internet is so diverse, it is not difficult to find an application that suits your needs, nor is it difficult to download them for most of them are drop dead cheap or completely free. Continue reading