Tracking Android Phone

Free Ways You Can Act Like a Spy on Android Phones


There could be many reasons you would want to spy on someone’s phone. While some can be a little unnecessary and a result of an overreaction, many are actually valid. For example, you could be a businessman who likes to keep an eye on his employees to know whether they’re working or not, or a parent who wants to make sure their children are using their phones safely. Continue reading

How to Track Keystrokes on Android Device without Rooting

6-how to track keystrokes on android device without rooting

If you ever wanted to find out somebody’s username or password for a certain client or social network what would be the best way to do so? Looking at the keystrokes they make while typing the information would be one way to do it. But at times it’s quite complicated to pull off without the person in question noticing it. In direct correlation with this, there are applications that will allow you to do so, without you ever trying to do anything. Continue reading

How to Track Samsung Galaxy

How to Track Samsung Galaxy

Tracking Android smartphones has become a common practice among people these days, be they parents tracking their children or employers keeping an eye on their employees. With the digital world so interconnected, everyone is scared something bad might happen. Continue reading

How to Track Android Phone Online

How to Track Android Phone Online

Gone are the time when you had to try and get your hands on your spouse’s phone to find out if they were hiding something from you. No more do you have to eavesdrop on his or her phone calls and put your relationship at risk. You do not have to worry anymore of whether your husband or you wife is being loyal to you or not. All thanks to spy apps. Continue reading

GPS Tracking App for Android Devices

25. GPS tracking app for android devices

About GPS tracking app for android

Even the cheapest android devices have GPS integrated in them. You might want to use the best GPS tracking app for a lot of purposes. First of all, you might want to track your own locations and have a directive, when you go jogging or cycling for long distances. Secondly, you might want to make sure that your family members or loved ones are at the place where they said they would be, or if they arrived to their desired destination. Continue reading

How Can I Track an Android Phone?

22. How can I track an Android Phone

To track an android phone, the tracking applications, or simply known as trackers, can be used. The advantage here is that Play Store and the Android applications market all over the internet is so diverse, it is not difficult to find an application that suits your needs, nor is it difficult to download them for most of them are drop dead cheap or completely free. Continue reading

Is It Possible to Track Text Messages on Android

19. Is it possible to track text messages on android

Have you ever considered if it is possible to track text messages on android? If so, you will be happy to know that it is indeed very much possible now. Now, you can easily read what other people are texting about. This is an ideal solution to a number of issues like if you want to know who your partner talks to or who your teen son or daughter is hanging around with. Text messages are very personal, and tracking them may seem like an invasion of someone’s privacy, but if you just want to make sure that your loved one safe at all times, you have a valid reason to want to do this. The best way to do this is to use a reliable text tracking software. Continue reading

How to Track Whatsapp Messages on Android?

11. How to track whatsapp messages on android

What are the purposes for which you could track whatsapp messages on android?

First of all, you want to know that your children are safe and want to make sure that they don`t contact people who might represent danger for them, or on the contrary, there is no suspicious person who talks to them. You might want to see your partner`s whatsapp activity because you want to make sure that you are with a liable and trustworthy person. You might be interested to find out if your employees are using their working hours for productivity only, and not for irrelevant activities. All of these situations are possible, but you will use this tracking software only when you informed the person that you are following his/her whatsapp activity on his/her android device. Continue reading