Best Spy Apps For Android

Best Spy Apps For Android

Can you think of someone that doesn’t actually own a smartphone? I can’t – well except maybe my grandmother, but everyone else I know has one and it never leaves their side! I am even including little kids in that. Children as young as 8 are now carrying around the latest smartphone models like they are this season’s must have toy! It is easy to see the benefits of issuing kids with these phones when we think about how they can socialize with friends and how they always have a way to contact you if they need to; however, what we also need to realize is that with smartphones and the round the clock internet access they provide there also comes a great many dangers. For example, recent studies indicate that more than 30% of all teenagers admit to being negatively affected by something online that was inappropriate or dangerous. That’s a pretty worrying statistic for parents so it is no wonder moms and dads everywhere are in search of the best spy apps for Android devices to help them to keep their precious kids safe from harm.

What is Android Monitoring Software?

If you are not yet familiar with Android monitoring software, then you might be wondering what it actually does and how it can be used to protect your children. In the most basic of terms an android monitoring app is something that you can install onto your child’s Android phone or other mobile device in order to monitor how that device is being used. The actual data that is collected will vary depending on which Android monitoring app you are using, but in general terms the standard features will allow you to monitor calls, emails, SMS, GPS location and browsing history. Some of the more advanced apps on the market may also offer additional features.

Choosing The Best Android Spy Software

There are many different android spy software apps for you to choose from and it can be difficult to select the right one! Often it will all come down to the features that you need, which in turn is usually influenced by the whole reason you are interested in Android monitoring in the first place! We have already mentioned that it can be useful in helping parents keep tabs on their children, but these apps are also popular among business owners who need to monitor their employees’ smartphones to ensure no fraud is being committed and that they are working efficiently. On some occassions they are also used when someone believes that their spouse is being unfaithful, but a word of caution – legally you may need to make the person you are monitoring aware of your intentions so be sure to look at pricvacy laws where you live to be on the safe side!

Comparing The Different Spy Apps For Android

When it comes to making your choice, the easiest way to do so is to compare othe various different spy apps for Android so that you can see which ones perform better than others. You can do this by checking out some in depth reviews of the top ten best spy apps for Android and seeing how they match up against not only one another but also your own expectations! It helps if you have some idea of what to look for when choosing Android spyware. Some of the important points to look at are as follows :

  • Look at the features – The most logical place to start when you are comparing android spy apps is the features that they can offer. Think about what you are going to use the monitoring app for and you will know which features you need. There is little point paying for features you won’t use or in choosing an app that is lacking in those you need!
  • Look for location monitoring – One of the most popular features that people look for in their android spy apps is the ability to track locations using GPS. Check how well the GPS functions perform when you are comparing the apps with one another as some will be more accurate than others.
  • Does it offer blocking/filtering tools – If you are keen to block certain websites and apps either to stop kids from viewing inappropriate content or to stop employees wasting time surfing the net then you will want to make sure that the android spy tools you select are capable of doing so! This is generally considered an advances feature, so do not automatically assume it will be included.
  • Compare the value for money – You do need to consider what level of value for money is offered. It is not usually wise to simply opt for the cheapest package, but you need not go for the most expense option either. Instead look at the features offered and determine if the price asked is worth it.
  • Consider the tech support – The great thing about most android spy apps is that you need not be really tech saavy to make use of them. They are usually very user friendly, but it is still worth checking out the level of tech support that is offered so that you know that if help is needed it will actually be readily available to you!

So Which One is The Best Android Monitoring App?

The most part everyone more or less agress on the top ten Android spy apps, although they may rank them in different orders! A great place to start in choosing the best app to meet your needs is to take a closer look at that top ten and spend some time reading and comparing reviews so that you get a better idea of which apps are going to be the most suitable for you.

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