Can I Check My Spouse’s Android without Her Knowing

can I check my spouse's Android without her knowing

Spy and monitoring apps and services are quite popular all over the globe because of their easiness and effectiveness. Although the primary purpose of such apps and software is to allow parents knowing their kids’ whereabouts and online activities but many people use these monitoring apps to catch cheating partner. The best thing about these monitoring apps is that these apps work secretly on the target phone that makes it impossible for the target person to suspect anything.

Not only they work in stealth mode but also use system resources efficiently. It means these apps use battery power, RAM, processing power and storage sp efficiently that you spouse won’t notice a thing. Spy and monitoring apps come with all the basic features you want to see in such apps. They have features like message monitoring, IM and call monitoring, email monitoring, social media monitoring and even GPS tracking.

What GPS tracking feature can do?

GPS tracking feature is probably the most popular and widely used feature that people use to catch cheating spouse. You probably have got the idea that this feature shows the exact location of the target device in real time so you can track the target person whenever you want. But that’s not the entire story; this GPS tracking feature is so advanced enough that it also records the routes.

As it is not practical for you to track the target device all the time, so this feature records the whereabouts and routes. Later you can see which places your spouse visited and how much time she spent there. You can get that information from the web portal company provides when you buy the product. The web portal could be accessed using your credentials that mean you can access that from anywhere as all you need is a computer and internet access.

How to start using spy app?

In order to monitor all the activities of your spouse using a spy app, first you have to install that app on the target device. You have to do that manually because remote installation is not an option because due to the operating system limitations. However you can control the device remotely and enable/disable all the features like keystroke logs you want with the help of web portal without even having physical access to the device.

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