Android phones have become one of the most popular phones the world over. Practically everyone uses these android phones, be it adults or kids. This makes it very easy for parents to keep tab on their kids by monitoring their activities on the androids phones. All you need to do is to install mSpy on the android phone you buy for your kids and that is all.

mSpy has lots of features and it can be accessed using any android device, irrespective of the version or grade of the android operating system.

With this app, you can easily monitor any activity carried out on the android phone. This ensures you are in the know of all activities carried out by your kids, your employee, your spouse and any other person you wish to monitor.

Some of the features you will be able to monitor when you install mSpy are:

  • IMs from popular apps, SMS messages, emails, call logs and lots more.
  • Completely remove all data from the device
  • Block any application or website you do not want
  • View all appointments and calendar activities
  • Access all data recorded on visited websites and any bookmark made on the android phone.
  • Locate where the device is via Geo-Fencing and GPS.

If you are trying to access information on jailbroken android phones, you will lose access to some features. It is also possible not to have access to the phone directly. You will only need iCloud credential that are linked directly to the android phone and that is it.

After doing this, you will be able to access:

  • All contacts on the phone
  • All text messages and call logs
  • Browser history
  • Appointments and events
  • Notes saved on the android phone.