Exposing Cheating Spouses With Spy Apps For Android Devices

Spy apps for Android devices are applications used to monitor, track and spy on Android-powered devices like the Google Nexus One and the Motorola Droid. It will be necessary to download these spy apps on Android devices into the target Android-powered smartphone. The internet browser of the smartphone can be used in downloading these applications.

Once the spy apps android software has been downloaded and installed into the device, the device owners will not notice its presence. It will also begin to record SMS messages, call logs, and GPS coordinates of a device without the knowledge of the owner. The application also secretly uploads recorded data into an online user account. These features work while the device is being used by the device owner.

The online user account can be accessed by the person who installed the application, and check all activities recorded on the Android-powered mobile phone.

Some of the features offered by these applications for Android devices include the following:

  • Monitor Calls – These spy apps for Android devices provide users with the capability of surreptitiously monitor calls made on the target Android-powered mobile phone.
  • Secret Monitoring – Users of these spy apps on Android devices will have the capability of secretly monitoring the background of the mobile device using an Android OS.
  • Secretly Pinpoint the GPS Location – The location of the person can be pinpointed through the use of the GPS coordinates provided by the device through the spy apps Android application. The location is recorded and uploaded every fifteen minutes. This will give the user an idea on the location of the device owner. Google Maps will facilitate pinpointing the location of the person.
  • Check Images – Users will be able to check images stored inside the Android-powered device without the knowledge of the device owner.
  • Check SMS Messages – The application records all messages sent and received through the Android-powered device. In addition to the content, users can also check the date and time the messages were sent or received.
  • Check Call Logs – Users of the Android application can check the details of all incoming and outgoing calls made through the device. Users can also check the list of contacts or address book of the mobile device to look into the number shown on the call log. This will give users an idea on the contact associated with a certain phone number on the contact list.

People have different reasons in using these applications. Some of the common reasons are shown below:

  • Expose a Cheating Spouse – many people acquire these spy apps for Android devices to check on the activities of their spouse. These applications will allow people to bring out the truth and ascertain whether a spouse is cheating or not. In addition to pinpointing the location of a cheating spouse, these applications also allow people to eavesdrop on phone conversations, monitor the background, and check SMS messages on the mobile device. The Android application can expose a cheating spouse in due time. The application can gather enough evidence that cheating spouses will not have the opportunity to deny the accusation.
  • Check the Usage of Children – Parents may be anxious about the mobile phone use of their adolescent children. They may also feel the need to check on their children. These problems can be solved using a spy apps Android application. Parents may be concerned with any possible involvement of their adolescent children in inappropriate activities. They may also want to know that their adolescent children are in places at a certain time. These fears can be reduced by using these Android applications.
  • Check on Employee Activities – These applications will allow companies to monitor the use of company-issued mobile phones. There are some industries where majority of communication with customers are through SMS messages. Companies will have no idea whether an employee has violated its policies if it does not have any record of these SMS messages. The absence of these records may also be detrimental for the company, especially during possible law suits. These applications will allow companies to maintain a record of all communication between employees and customers.

Spy apps on Android devices are mainly mobile monitoring and tracking applications. They are used to monitor the activities of a person through an Android-power mobile device. There are some people who may disagree on the use of these Android applications, but the person who utilizes them will have the final decision on whether to use them or not.

Although people have different reasons in using these Android applications, they can be assured of the fact that these applications are effective. These applications are the only proven method of monitoring Android-powered mobile phones without the knowledge of the device owner.

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