Free Ways You Can Act Like a Spy on Android Phones


There could be many reasons you would want to spy on someone’s phone. While some can be a little unnecessary and a result of an overreaction, many are actually valid. For example, you could be a businessman who likes to keep an eye on his employees to know whether they’re working or not, or a parent who wants to make sure their children are using their phones safely.

Apart from these kind of apps, there are many others that work secretly, each providing different and yet helpful functionality. So whether you need to spy on someone’s phone, or want to protect your own device, here are some of the best free apps to do so:

Track Your Employees or Children

The first app that you can use, if you wish to track your employees’ location, is Cell Tracker. This free app comes in handy when you need to make sure your employees are where they are supposed to be. For example, if you run a business where your sales reps need to go out, you can be sure that they are doing their job and not hanging out with friends, through their phone’s GPS.

If you are a parent, and need to keep an eye out for your child’s whereabouts, you can use Children Tracker. This app allows you to hide it from the child’s device so that it can work secretly. Not only does it provide with the location of the device holder, it also gives to access to call logs, messages, and more.

Be a Spy, Know your Surroundings

If you’ve ever wanted to do some spy work in public places, there is a handy app by the name of Ear Spy. It allows you to listen to your surroundings, by amplifying the sounds around you. For this purpose, it uses your phone’s microphone. So while others think you are bobbing your head to some beats, you could be secretly listening to what people around you are talking about.

Another app that can help you get some information from a public place without being noticed is Mobile Hidden Camera. This one lets you take a picture of whatever you want without pulling up a full viewfinder on your screen, so that passersby don’t know what you’re up to.

Keep Your Information Confidential

Sometimes you need to keep your own data confidential. Maybe you’d like to send a message to someone you know but don’t want anyone else to even mistakenly access it. For this purpose, you can use Spy Message. This app will help you send secret messages to people, that delete themselves from the target device after a certain amount of time that you specify.

Another app that helps you keep your data safe is Secret Calls. It locks away your phonebook so that no one can access your contacts. It also removes all call logs as soon as you’re done making a call. This way, if your phone is ever stolen, no one would be able to steal your information.

Get Out of a Tricky Situation

There are certain moments when you wish you could just up and leave, but that’s not possible. To get out of such awkward or uncomfortable situations, use Secret Agent Fake Call. This app allows you to preset a time, along with the name of the caller, and then fakes an incoming call on your phone, helping you excuse yourself and leave whenever you want.

Be a Complete Spy

And finally, if you want to be a true spy and really keep tabs on someone else’s phone, nothing can beat apps like mSpy. mSpy is a true spy app that allows you to hack anyone’s phone and gives you information about their calls, messages, emails, media, location, browsing history, and even lets you turn their phone into a recording device. While the full app is not free, you can take it for a spin through the free trial option and if you like it, you can choose from multiple subscription plans.

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