How to Block Number on Android Phone?

23. How to Block Number on Android Phone

There are plenty of cases of what we call “wrong number” today. People find it amusing to grab hold of a number and harass the person on the other end just for the fun of it. Plus, some numbers, like those of creepy stalkers or extremely creepy ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends may also need to be blocked for the sheer peace of one’s mind. The question is, most of the mobile phones do not come with an inherent blocking feature, and even if they do, the feature is limited to the system applications only; so how to block a number that it will not be able to contact on any of the communication applications?


Contrary to what their name suggests, trackers can also block number on android. Trackers are therefore extremely diverse applications. They do not only block number on android, but are also capable of blocking other applications.

Choosing the right tracker:

It is important to choose the best trackers because you would not want a weak defense system for your phone. Every year, fortunately for us, a list of best trackers is released, based on user reviews. MSPY, for instance, has made it to the lists of two consecutive years, and is an efficient text messages tracker as well as an iron clad guard of your phone.

How to do it?

Simply install the tracker on your phone. To block number on android, launch the tracker and explore its options. Usually, you may have to control the tracker on your phone through your laptop, so as to give the application a broad base to act from in the event your mobile gets stolen. In the left hand column of the tracker application window (on your laptop) you would find options for security. Click on that and select the block number option. That’s all. Now you can sit back and relax. The “wrong number” no longer has access to your phone.

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