How to Track Keystrokes on Android Device without Rooting

6-how to track keystrokes on android device without rooting

If you ever wanted to find out somebody’s username or password for a certain client or social network what would be the best way to do so? Looking at the keystrokes they make while typing the information would be one way to do it. But at times it’s quite complicated to pull off without the person in question noticing it. In direct correlation with this, there are applications that will allow you to do so, without you ever trying to do anything.

Keystroke tracking apps

It’s needless to say that applications that allow the average user to track keystrokes exist. These applications are by the time you are reading this widely spread all over the internet and are available for download. So it won’t come as a shock when you learn that people are using these kind of applications to find out sensitive information about their competition and about the people which are close to them on a daily basis.


Keystroke tracking apps are available for almost any form of electronic device out there, including PC-s and android devices which are the most widely spread in the world we all live in. with even a minimal amount of time invested you will find a lot of keystroke tracking applications which can be found for the device of your choice.


The trick comes when you want to install a keystroke tracking app on the device at hand. The first thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that you need to have that device next to you so you can actually go ahead and install the keystroke tracking app on to it. After and if you have accomplished that, the rest of the process is automated and requires very little or no user input whatsoever.

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