Installation of Android Spy App

Installation of Android Spy App

If you are even slightly invested in the world of smartphone security, chances are you would have heard the term ‘spy app’ by now. Spy apps are those that can help one track a phone, whether running Android or some other operating system, discreetly and silently. These have practical implications for parents as well as employers, who can use such apps to keep their children and their businesses out of harm’s way.

But how do you install a spy app on an Android phone? Let’s take a look.

Choose an App

The first step is to choose the right app. An app with a solid user base is a good bet. You should take the pricing and features into consideration and take a look at the user reviews to help decide.

Download and Install

After choosing your app, all you need to do is buy it, download it, and install on to the target phone. You will need physical access to the target phone to do this. Once the installation of the spy app is complete, you can easily gain access to all the information on the Android phone. This includes SMS messages, call logs, media files, GPS location, email history, web history, and more.

Keep Children Safe and Employees Active

The installation of a spy app on an Android phone will help you monitor your children if you are a parent, and keep your employees on their toes if you are an employer. You must note, however, that while these spy apps are legal for parental use in some cases, that is not the case with monitoring adults.
If you are an employer looking to make sure that your employees are working at maximum capacity and not wasting time on Facebook, then you have to notify them that you are going to monitor them. Otherwise there could be legal implications even if you find an employee who was stealing from you.

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