Is There an App to Block Unwanted Calls on Android?

24. Is there an App to Block unwanted Calls on Android

Yes, there is. There are actually multiple applications that block unwanted calls on android; however, most of these only perform this function. Our advice to you is to select an application that is diverse in function so as to reap two harvests from a single cultivation. These are the tracking applications of android.


It is a misconception that trackers would be able to only spy or monitor a phone. Trackers are also a defense for the phone. Once you install the tracking application on your phone, install the same on your laptop and control the application from there. This is just a precaution in case your phone is stolen.

When you open up the application, there will be a column on the left hand side, or simply the option of “Options”. Click on that. Search for security options and click on block numbers. It is as simple as that. The tracker would henceforth block unwanted calls on android, so that whoever might be harassing you is left facing a brick wall.

Which one?

The problem is not the use of trackers to block unwanted calls on android, but to select the right application. If you simply punch in the word “tracker” on Google, you will be dazzled by the sheer magnitude of response. Therefore, narrow down your research to the top applications. For instance, you may choose MSPY because you will see it in a lot of “top trackers of the year” lists. Also, go through the user reviews. They help a lot.

The Conclusion:

SMS trackers should not always be used for spying on others out of curiosity or jealousy (in which case you can go to jail). There are plenty of other options as well that can be used, for instance protecting yourself from unwanted people calling for unwanted reasons.

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