Main Differences between Android and iOS

Main Differences between Android and iOS

When Android came up to the scene as an operating system, it couldn’t be more different than Apple’s iOS. The much more functional, customizable, and feature-packed Android was almost exactly opposite to the much more refined yet rigid, and non-customizable iOS.

However, with the passage of time, iOS has adopted many of Android’s features and vice versa, blurring the main differences that once existed between the two. There are still some key differences though that one should know about when deciding which one to invest in.


With iOS 7, Apple really added a lot more appeal to the design of the platform. They added a notification panel like Android’s, and also a quick settings panel and better multitasking. Apple adopted a flat design as opposed to the rounded icons they previously used.

Android, on the other hand, has stayed with all the basics it started with. It has only improved on those great features that other platforms have adopted as well. With Android Lollipop, the huge design refresh has brought much more finesse to Android.


When talking about the main differences between Android and iOS, one has to talk about Android’s customizability. While Apple has added some features to iOS 8 regarding this, it just cannot compete with Android. In short, you can make an Android phone look like an Apple device, but you can’t do that the other way around.

Rooting vs. Jailbreak

For advanced users of smartphones, it becomes a valid concern whether they can root their device or not. Android has always supported developers and general users who want to root their devices to get the most specific features out of them like online tracking and backup, albeit with fair warnings. Apple, on the other hand, completely denies this to its users. It is against jailbreaking, and it keeps trying to keep its users out of the internal system of their iOS devices for the sake of keeping the experience at its best.

So there you have it, these are some of the main differences that exist today between Android and iOS. While both platforms may have similar features now, Android still takes the lead in its open sourced nature, and its open-mindedness.

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