Mobile spy app for Android Cell Phone

Android spy applications are mobile monitoring programs that are useful when someone wants to spy on Android phones and other devices like the Motorola Droid, Google Nexus, and other similar devices. It is essential for these Android spying applications to be downloaded directly onto the target Android device. The browser on the device can be used for this purpose.

Once the spy for Android devices is downloaded and installed, it will become imperceptible to the owners of the Android devices. It will also start to stealthily record a number of information from the device. The recorded information includes the call logs, SMS data, and GPS location of the device. It will also upload the recorded information to an online account of the user. All of these functions are done without the knowledge of the device owner.

The account where the information is uploaded can be accessed by the person who installed the application. Once the person is logged in, all of the recorded information can be easily viewed through the account.

Some of the features offered by this application used to spy on Android phones and other devices include the following:

  • Eavesdrop on phone calls – These applications used as a spy for Android devices allow users to stealthily eavesdrop on calls made using the Android device.
  • Covert Monitoring – The mobile spy Android applications also provide users with the capability of monitoring the areas around the Android device.
  • Remote GPS tracking – The application also pinpoints the location of the device owner using the GPS coordinates of the device itself. The location is recorded and uploaded in intervals of around twelve minutes. This ensures that the location of the device owner is constantly monitored. The exact location of the device can be viewed on Google Maps.
  • View Images – The Android application also provide users with the capability of surreptitiously viewing images stored in the device.
  • View Text Messages – Users will also have the opportunity to view all sent and received SMS messages, which are recorded by the application. Aside from the message itself, the application also records other details including the date and time of the message.
  • View call logs – The application will also provide users with the capability of viewing the incoming and outgoing call log of the device. Aside from the call log, the application will also allow users to view the name of the contact associated with the numbers on the call log. This will provide users with an overview of the people that the device owner has been in contact with using the device.

There are numerous reasons why people would install a mobile spy Android application on Android-powered devices. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Catch a Cheating Partner – the most common reason for using these applications is to monitor the activities of a partner who is suspected of being unfaithful. These applications used as a spy for Android devices will allow people to determine whether or not their partner is cheating on them. Aside from providing people with the capability of monitoring their partners, these applications also allow people to listen to calls and the surrounding area as well as view SMS messages. The question whether a partner is unfaithful or not can be answered using these applications. It will only be a matter of time when the unfaithful partner is caught using these applications. The features offered through these applications will not give an unfaithful partner the opportunity to avoid getting caught.
  • Monitor Mobile Phone Use of Children – The application will also allow parents to monitor the mobile phone use of their adolescent or young children. It may be possible for adolescents to be involved with inappropriate activities with modern messaging apps like Snapchat, or parents want to ensure that these adolescents are in a certain place at a particular time. These provide parents with a means of monitoring the activities of their adolescent children.
  • Monitor Activities of Employees – Employers have to ensure that their employees are using company-issued mobile phones for business purposes only. Since employers want to ensure that employees are using company-issued mobile phones properly, these applications are useful tools in monitoring mobile phone use. It will also ensure that employees are following company rules, which would guarantee that employees are representing the company properly. There may also be some instances when improper usage of mobile phones by employees may jeopardize the company itself. These applications record all mobile phone activities of employees, which employers can use in evaluating the performance of certain employees.

These applications that spy on Android devices are basically mobile phone tracking and monitoring applications providing people with the capability of monitoring the mobile phone activities of a certain person. Although the spying in itself is not favored by many people, the use of these applications will be determined by the person who chooses to install it on a target Android-powered mobile device.

Without taking into consideration the reason for spying on a mobile device, these applications are effective in monitoring and tracking any Android-powered device.

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