No Rooting

There is growing need for android monitoring applications out there these days and many of such applications are now available for sale around the place. Few of these apps have been able to gain popularity due to their reliability and one of such is mSpy. mSpy can enable you to monitor your kids, your employee and even your spouse if you suspect any foul play from their ends.

Not many of the android monitoring applications provide solution for non-jailbroken android devices. However, you can enjoy such benefit when you buy mSpy. If you are afraid to even risk jailbreaking or you do not know much about the idea, just buy into this android app and it will help get the job done.

Available features

You will be able to access all the basic features you need to monitor your employers or your kids if you only need basic monitoring toolset. The features you will be able to access are

  • Contact list
  • Notes and events on the android phone
  • Browser history
  • Received and sent text messages
  • Call logs

How to start

You need to first have iCloud credentials before you can ever think of monitoring any android phone without jailbreak. After you have obtained the iCloud credentials, the rest is very easy; the info needed can be received on control your panel available online.

Compare with jailbroken devices

Better performance can be obtained on an android device having jailbreak when you make use of mSpy as opposed to what you get on an android device without jailbreak; jailbroken android phones hand over complete control of the phone and its secured settings to the app that may want to access them, including mSpy. As a result, mSpy is able to pull out any needed information that could have been stored on iCloud.

The features available on mSpy when used on non-jailbroken android phones are numerous. They can enable you to keep an eye on your wards, your employees and even your spouse. The price for the jailbroken android device and that for the non-jailbroken android device are similar.