Track Your Boyfriends Text Messages with Android Spy App

track your boyfriends text messages with Android spy app

Though the main purpose of monitoring apps and software is to help parents and employers protect their kids and business but allowing them to keep a keen eye on their kids and employees all the time yet many people have found some other creative and useful purposes of these spy apps and software. For example people can catch cheating partners with the help of such apps by tracking their calls and messages with Android or iOS spy app. You can even install the same app on desktop computer, laptop on mobile devices like phone or tablet.

How to read someone’s text messages?

In order to read someone’s text messages, you have to find a compatible app that has this feature. Gladly, reading text messages is considered a basic feature and almost all spy and monitoring apps come with it. Some other basic features are call monitoring, IM and email monitoring and social media monitoring. On the other hand, some advanced monitoring software and apps have more advanced features like GPS tracking, WhatsApp monitoring, Viber monitoring and many other monitoring tools.

Installing the monitoring app on the target device could be an issue as you need physical access to the target device in order to install it, unfortunately mobile platforms do not allow remote installation so you have to do that manually. However, installation is the only part where you need physical access to the device and then you can control it and gather information remotely via the web portal company provides at the time of purchase. After the installation and initialization process, leave the device as it is and login to the secure web portal using credentials. That online portal is like a command center from where you can control the target device remotely.

Turn on message monitoring feature it is not enabled by default and you’ll get instant access to all the messages stored on that phone. You can also turn on and off other features that you want or don’t want from the same online portal. As this command center is accessible via the internet, you can control the target device from anywhere in the world and any time. In case you are wondering, spy apps work in stealth mode and do not appear in app drawer. It means the target person won’t know the presence of any monitoring or spy app on his phone.

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